Grow your business
with those who grew you the most.

Militia is a vetted membership group for former military entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business leaders.

Getting out of the military is lonely.
So is leading a business.

What does everyone says after they get out?"I don't miss the job, just the people."What made the military fun (sometimes) and bearable was those that were going through it with us. Shared experience.Finding those people was tough while in and even harder in the throws of your personal life and running a business.Militia brings those same people together in the next phase of life.

Member Benefits

Focus Groups

The group meets twice monthly. One meeting covering each other's business. The other is a guest speaker covering a specific topic relevant to the group.

Pooling Resources

Group members come from a variety of industries and backgrounds. Sharing what is working for you and learning what is working for other gives mutual benefit.


The military gave us bonds and accountability difficult to maintain after service. Find other high performers hungry to grow and push each other forward.

Who's right for Militia?

Militia is looking for highly motivated vets who have founded a company or a lead a business and are eager to learn.While there won't be intense scrutiny over business titles, there will be over your willingness to participate. This is not group to sit on the sidelines to listen and observe. You'll be expected to show up consistently and add value to the group in the way that you are able.In military terms, this is not place to skate.

Think you're a fit?

Join Militia

Militia is looking for an inaugural group of 8-10 motivated veterans who are eager to participate.

If you:
> Can't commit to two meetings per month
> Plan to not actively participate
> Aren't interested in the personal and professional development that comes with a tight knit group
This isn't for you.


The cost of Militia is $100/month with a 3 month commitment up front and billed monthly thereafter.
If you attend at least 5 of the 6 meetings in the first three months and don't feel you've gotten your money worth, you can ask for a full refund.

What's Included?

> One monthly Focus Group
This is the monthly meetup to foster relationships within the group, offer feedback and support on one another's businesses, and discuss growth and pain points each person is experiencing.
> One monthly speaker
This monthly session will feature a vetted business leader speaking on a specific, prepared topic that is pertinent to the group's pain points and desire to understand better.
> Strong Relationships
No one succeeds on their own. As we progress post military and deeper into life and business, creating strong relationships only escalates in difficulty. This will guarantee you a place of like minded individuals, shared military experience, and working through the same issues in business you are today.
> Curated Content
Each session will be recorded, transcribed, and available to strictly members of the group for confidentiality reasons. A detailed summary and actionable notes taken from the session will curated and provided as well.

Thank you for your interest in joining. We'll be in touch soon.

Thank you

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